Why is WVMBR an online station instead of a traditional AM/FM station?

Why is WVMBR an online station instead of a traditional AM/FM station?

Simply put – MONEY!  To start an AM/FM station from the ground up would take millions of dollars, and years to accomplish by the time you apply for and get a radio license from the FCC (which can take 12-18 months), then build or buy a building, erect an antenna, pay for music licensing, etc.  That is totally out of our reach.  And to be honest, quite unnecessary.

With technology of today, AM/FM radio is a fading market.  More and more consumers are turning to online streaming services to get their music and content.  So it was only natural (and affordable) for us to choose online streaming for WVMBR.

While the online streaming platform we have chosen is a bit costly, it is because it also provides us with a music license so all of the music we play on WVMBR is 100% legal.  There are many “independent” online radio stations that don’t license their music, which is why they end up shutting down after a few months.

You can listen to WVMBR directly on this website (just click Listen at the top of the page), you can also listen on your smartphone using our Android or iOS apps (search the app stores for WVMBR).  You can also listen to WVMBR on your Alexa devices by enabling our skill in the Alexa Skill Shop, and then just saying “Alexa, play WVMBR”.  We also now have a Roku channel!  Search the channel store for WVMBR and you can tune in and listen.