March for Jesus

WVMBR - Christian Radio

Welcome March for Jesus participants!

For our Android users who are using our new 2020 app, and if you have problems with the audio shutting off when your screen goes off, here is how to fix the problem.  This is an issue with the Android Battery Optimization that wants to shut the app down in the background to prevent battery drain.

Go into phone settings, and search for battery.  Find Battery Optimization.
Where it says “Not Optimized”, touch the down arrow and change to “All Apps”
In upper right, touch the search “magnify glass” icon.  Search for WVMBR
Touch WVMBR and then choose “Don’t Optimize” then Done

This will prevent the app from being shut down in the background.

We have provided a video showing these steps.  Screens may be slightly different depending on what model of Android device you have.